Environmental ProjectsServed as Senior Source Test Engineer and combustion resource for PG&E, Served as acting Director of Air Quality overseeing 80 power plants, conducted emissions trading and banking. He was also Principal for an international environmental company and managed a team that permitted two 800 MW power plants, and conducted environmental permitting for several power plants. The following is a partial list of plans, permits, and compliance strategies:

  • Environmental permit applications, strategies and negotiations,
  • Draft examples of submissions,
  • Title V applications, templates, compliance and monitoring reports,
  • CERS Diesel fuel tanks, hazardous materials inventories, reporting, evacuation plans,
  • Oil spill response, contingency, delivery & manuals, operator guidelines,

Engineering Projects Designed 53 mile underground fuel oil pipeline including several major tank farms, computer analysis of high energy steam piping systems, designed active cathodic protection systems at a nuclear power plant as well as piping design, Engineer of record on the Carquinez bridge and SFO Bay Bridge demolition projects for Caltrans, Engineer of record on the Antioch Bridge seismic retrofit project for Caltrans, FEMA contractor providing disaster cost analysis for replacement or reconstruction of roads, bridges, dams and levies on 7 declared disasters, protection of a high voltage buried oil-filled cablepipe through the Carquinez bridge demolition and reconstruction site. .

Energy ProjectsCo-Founder of Energy Solutions Group Inc. and Co-founder of the National Energy Alliance non-profit organization. Siting of several major power plants in California and Texas including conceptual engineering design, land use and siting for linear powerline projects, and many cogeneration projects locally and internationally.

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